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Kenya: Recipes and Cuisine

Singing Masai women in Kenya

Image Creative Commons by Borft

Everyone has a picture of Kenya. Broad savannas teeming with wildlife. Masai tending their cattle. Ancient landscapes punctuated by thorny acacia. But not many know the food of this great East African nation. From Mombasa on the east coast to Lake Victoria in the west, Kenya has a nourishing and hearty cuisine just waiting to be discovered.


Kenyan Recipes

Try these recipes from Kenya.


Ugali (East African cornmeal mush)

(African cornmeal mush)


Samosas (Indian, Pakistani deep-fried potato pastries)

(Indian, Pakistani deep-fried potato pastries)

Kuku Paka

Kuku Paka Recipe (Kenyan chicken in coconut curry sauce)

(Kenyan chicken in coconut curry sauce)


Chapati (Indian, Pakistani wholewheat flatbread)

(Indian, Pakistani wholewheat flatbread)


Yellow split peas

(Kenyan mashed peas, potatoes and corn)


Pulao Recipe (Indian aromatic rice pilaf)

(Indian aromatic rice pilaf)


Black-eyed peas

(Kenyan black-eyed peas and tomatoes)


(Kenyan mashed beans, corn, potatoes and greens; see Githeri recipe variations)