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Humans and their ancestors long sipped from streams. Water is required for life. But over time, people have learned to spike our drink with a wide variety of tempting flavors.

Fruit juices deliver a sweet punch of energy. Hot beverages warm the soul. Coffee and tea perk up the spirit. Herbal tisanes sooth the stomach and cure ills. Alcoholic beverages cement friendships and encourage conversation. Carbonated drinks clear the palate and tickle the nose.

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Sorrel is also called roselle, but it is a red flower that blooms in the winter, just in time for Christmas. Hibiscus is a different flower that you have pictured here. It is not sorrel and it is not used to make the sorrel drink that is fermented and made at Christmastime.

The scientific name of sorrel — or roselle or jamaica — is Hibiscus sabdariffa. I've replaced the picture with a better one though. The new one shows the swollen calyxes as they are harvested instead of a fully bloomed flower. Sorrel flowers are white with a red center. Previously I had a picture of an all-red flower.

It would be nice to show the full tree to see how pretty the flowers look when ripen on the tree.
There is also a white sorrel which makes a tasty drink too. Especially with a little Jamaian white rum.

Which is it? i'm a little confused what is the health properties? eg. rich in vit c etc.

This site is the first I've come across so far that clarifies that our Caribbean 'sorrel' is not the same sorrel that is rich in oxalic acid.

In nigeria,we add fresh pineapple or pineapple flavour. Taste alot better