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Atol de Elote

Atol de Elote Recipe (Salvadoran corn beverage)

(Salvadoran corn beverage)

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Atoles are very popular beverages in El Salvador with roots in Mayan cuisine. They are a sort of thick drink often eaten with a spoon. Atol de elote is based on fresh corn (elote) and has a wonderfully fresh flavor. For ultimate effect, serve it in a bowl made out of a dried calabash gourd.

4 to 6 servings


  • Yellow corn on the cob -- 6 to 7 ears
  • Water -- 4 cups
  • Sugar -- 1/3 cup, or to taste
  • Salt -- 1/2 teaspoon
  • Cornstarch (optional) -- 3 to 4 teaspoons
  • Ground cinnamon -- for garnishing


  1. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut enough kernels off the corn cobs to make 3 to 3 1/2 cups. Then scrape the cobs with a knife to remove all their milk. Place 2 1/2 cups of the corn in a blender along with 2 cups of the water and puree well.
  2. Strain the pureed corn through a sieve into a medium saucepan and discard the solids. Stir in the remaining corn kernels, 1/3 cup sugar and salt.
  3. Bring the liquid to a boil over medium-high heat, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes, or until lightly thickened. If the atol doesn't thicken to a creamy consistency, mix the cornstarch with a little cold water and whisk into the simmering liquid until it is just thick enough to coat a spoon.
  4. Pour the hot atol into mugs or small bowls, sprinkle with a little cinnamon and serve hot with a spoon to scoop up the corn kernels.


  • Frozen corn can be used in a pinch, but the flavor won't be nearly as good.


  • Because the corn used in Central America is starchier, you may have to add the suggested cornstarch to achieve the lightly thickened consistency.


its gud(every salvadorian lov's it)

on da real, dis do sound a lil nasty. but imma taste it b4 i say it won't be good. if all dese ppl done commented sayin its good i won't be da one 2 hate on it jus cuz it soubd a lil different

before you write a comment please make sure it is in an actual language. What you wrote was merely an abomination of the english language. You did nothing to get a point across and merely made yourself sound ignorant. If you do not want to be the one to hate on it then please write in a way that others can properly understand. You are doing nothing more than allowing a negative stereotype of uneducated latins to continue

obviously they got the point across because you were able to glean their meaning, although not eloquently......

In Wheaton MD by Dunkin Donuts in Veirs Mill RD Theres a guy who sells it.. and i love atol de elote but i've never tasted it as good as this guys wife makes it.. try it and if you dont like hispanic food thats ok, its you :)

best drink ever!

Oh my gosh yes what memories wow so delish!!

This drink is not nasty at all.It is so good.Don't knock it till you try it!!

Your comment was very positive because you stated that you would not say the recipe isn't good until you try it for yourself. However, I do have to say that you are not doing yourself any favors by deliberately using ghetto slang and poor grammar to get your point across.

I know you probably want to sound "cool" and "gansta", but to many people you will only appear to be uneducated and other negative adjectives - like the person who is stupid enough to think that you are an uneducated "latin". How he/she determined your supposed race simply by reading your posting is beyond me. To me, you sound like an intelligent person who thinks before they make judgements, which is a good thing. An intelligent person who is using slang to communicate.

Have u also tried atol de pina? its REALLY good. Theres also one that called atol de maize tostado (atol of toasted corn) I love atol! :D

sounds really gross

It's sounds gross, but it's actually very delicious. And no, i'm not Latin, i'm American. I used to work with a lot of Salvadorians and when they offered me the drink i thought the same thing! Point it, don't knock it until you try it.

Your Crazy for saying its gross, Anyone will get hooked..... you must be mexican, go eat your

Just because someone wrote "it sounds or its gross", doesn't mean you Mexican. I'm a proud Mexican and I love atol de do thousand of mexicans. You must not like Mexican. Don't ASSUME what your don't know. Oh

but Mayans also live in mexico! plus champurrado is just atole with chocolate

Its not gross. It show you don't know about foods.!!

You don't know about food this is a very delicious drink. You are ignorant learn about different foods. Don't just eat top Ramen and hamburger helper

it sounds gross but its really good

Its very tasty and good, to the last drop.
Think of oatmeal and substitute corn.
Custards are often looked as gooey, but is not bad.
Believe or not. It takes time to try something new.


You should not critisize the foods of other country with out trying it first. Good luck in your search of cultural experiences... An Israeli that lived and tasted food from this country EL SALVADOR.-

Anonymous, have you tried this atol? it has a different and unique taste but if you don't like it, just say it but don't say is gross. The food is part of the culture and when you speak this way you disrespect the Salvadorian culture.

this actually does sound really digusting! a drink made of corn!! ehww!!

what do you think beer is u artard
corn is ctually used in alot of drinks that u have probaly tried

Do you realize you consume corn in great quantities on a regular basis. Most of the products you buy at the market contain one form or another of corn. And yes this drink is delicious.

i think you are very ignorant. and maybe don't even know how to cook. i will suggest for you to educated your self

Just got back from lunch at Amelia's on Virgil here in Los Angeles...Had my usual wonderful mug of Atol de Elote...and it's delicious. If corn on the cob is good, why wouldn't a corn drink be good? Served hot, this is sweet and fresh tasting, and a great alternative to coffee with or after your meal.

Dare yourself to try it. Live dangerously.

it is awesome, you may think its grose thats ok the more for those of us who like it.

I don't understand why some people feel the need to write negative comments. If you have not tried "it", then keep your comments to yourself! There are just too many stupid, ignorant, negative, hateful people out there. I was born in El Salvador and have been living in the U.S. for over twenty-five years. I love american, italian, japanese (i love sushi), mexican, chinese, korean, guatemalan, Philipeno and indian food. Yes, I have tried it and loved it all. I think people should be open to try new things even if it is only one time. I was looking for a recipe to make champurrado (a mexican drink) and look where I ended up! I will definitely try this recipe.

Im so happy I found this recipe,I will try it. I love this drink... P.S even my 10year old son loves it...

i agree with this comment it takes a very high cultural educated people to understand how different are we all over the world and trying new things is mi passion if I do not like well!! I do not put them down in any way and so with the customs and cultures it could be be very boring if we were all alike like a paper cut outs o factory assembly line people

Hey you have no right to call people "stupid, negative, hateful people..." yes there might be some, but what do you care. Let them be. They don't want to try it, so be it. They don't want to. Just because of that you shouldn't be so negative towards them. Everyone is different and sometimes know what they like and don't.

This is the BEST drink ever. When I was growing up my mom would make cream corn all the time. Years later when I started to date a latino man we went out to eat and he ordered me one. It was love at first taste lol. It reminded me of my moms cream corn.....Awwww

I find it so funny everyone saying it sounds gross when the ingredients sound like it would be good. what sounds so gross about this recipe? Thats like someone saying they think wheat grass drinks are gross but thats also good and good for you. But this is corn. Who doesn't like corn?

sounds really gross

Your comment was stupid and ignorant. If you don't want to explore new recipes, go to McDonald's and eat BigMacs for the rest of your life. Why surf the net looking for new and different recipes if you are going to be so closed-minded. YOU sound really gross.

The only way this would taste bad is if the person who is cooking it is not good at it. Plus granmma says that mean, angry or people with strong temper can't get not even closer to the kitchen while someone is cooking it or it will go bad.No pregnant women can't see the preparation or samething will happen.

When I first tried this I was soooo hooked, Its really like a creamy soup that is slightly sweet. I'm glad to find a recipe for it. I live in S. Florida, & we are so fortunate to have many ethnic foods from all over the globe. The Pupusas from El Salvador are also a treat,cto those who have not tried different things you are really missing out. For those stuck with a McDonalds mentality there is life beyond the burger & fries try it sometime .Sue

Don't forget to add the cornstarch to this recipe because as they advise, the corn you normally found in USA and Canada is not the same!
I add two or three cinnamon sticks to this recipe because it improves its taste. The ground cinnamon is good but I see it more as part of the presentation.

This is really good, despite what you may think when you first read the recipe. I put a bit of cream cheese in it, and it made it even better, and nice and thick, try it out. It reminds me of Gazpacho...

Wow, I cannot believe it actually tastes good, whod a thunk it eh? I do need more cornstarch though, it fools you palette into thinking you are not drinking dinner.

all the Gunacos(ppl from el salvador) love it its so good if u dont like it then somethings wrong with u. That means u need to learn new stuff from us.

You may want to add a few cubes of cured cheese while its hot they melt within the drink and you can fish them out while eating it with a spoon. That's how we do it in Cuba.

You could also add 1-2 star anise for flavor

It is so good. I tried it in Elsalvador and was hooked. There they make it with milk and strain the corn threw a dish cloth Hours of work.

hey~ this drink actually sounds good to me....

I was wondering if anyone has tried it with rum?

I love how clear rum adds the kick in coquito , however

i don't want to ruin its favor ...anyone ever try it ?

Every construction site roach coach has it, and it's Mexican Carnation Instant breakfast! It's muy bueno! Warms your whole body up, and makes you ready for a HARD day of rough work! lunch, what else? Papusas & Tamales! I love Mexican and Salvadoraneo fuud.
De Paisano a Paisano


what do u have against mexican food?? the above person clearly said it loved mexican AND salvadorean food.

Let them be!