International Recipes and Cooking Around the World

Menu Planning

50 Ways to Mash Your Taters

Bowl of mashed potatoes

Everyone loves mashed potatoes. Creamy, buttery, smooth. The ultimate comfort food. Your basic ingredients are quite simple: potatoes, milk or cream and butter.

A Full Salvadoran Breakfast

Coffee and fresh tortillas

Keeping breakfast light and nutrition-packed is a great idea for most of the week. But come Sunday, something more substantial and rib-sticking is usually in order.

About Heirloom Dry Beans with a Recipe

Heirloom dried beans

Today I planted one of my easiest/hardest gardens, the Heirloom Dry Bean Garden. It's one of the easiest because once you get them planted, you don't have to do a darn thing to them until you harvest them.

All Hail the Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker

I've used my pressure cooker over the years for preserving many a batch of fruits, vegetables and beans. One thing I have rarely used it for is cooking dinner. My meal last night reminded me why that's a bad oversight.

Bulgogi and Panchan for Dinner

Korean food market

I was passing by a Korean market recently and was drawn in by the exotic sights, sounds and smells. Instantly I knew...Korean was what's for eats tonight!

Cabbage Dishes From East to West

Field of cabbage

Whether stewed, braised, sauteed or stuffed, cabbage is a popular vegetable in Europe and eastern Asia. It's cheap, filling and highly nutritious.

Campfire Cooking in a Can

Tin can cooking on a camp stove

Discover the simple pleasures of cooking in the outdoors with nothing more than fresh ingredients, a hot fire, and an old tin can.

Poule au Pot on a Sunday

Simmering pot

Ah, the French. Chicken in a pot — what perfect winter comfort food. So easy. I used carrots, celery and turnips as the veggies.

Some Simple Recipes for Rabbit

Wild rabbits

Now Cousin Joni is petite and in her early 50s. If you were ever lost in the wilderness, you'd want her with you. She can shoot the left eye out of a fly on a corner post a quarter of a mile away.