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About Heirloom Dry Beans with a Recipe

Heirloom dried beans

Today I planted one of my easiest/hardest gardens, the Heirloom Dry Bean Garden. It's one of the easiest because once you get them planted, you don't have to do a darn thing to them until you harvest them.

Campfire Cooking in a Can

Tin can cooking on a camp stove

Discover the simple pleasures of cooking in the outdoors with nothing more than fresh ingredients, a hot fire, and an old tin can.

Does Sugar Help Bread Yeast Grow?

Rising bread dough

A Chef Robert from Tularosa, NM, recently posted a comment on the naan bread recipe with a question that can raise hackles among bakers: "Why add sugar to the yeast proofing liquid in bread recipes?"

How to Make Your Own Brown Sugar

Three types of brown sugar

Learn how to make your own brown sugar at home. It's about half the cost of store-bought, you get to make only as much as you need and it couldn't be fresher.

How To Make Your Own Chickpea Flour

Plate of chickpea flour

Ever run across a recipe that calls for chickpea flour? Finding a store that stocks it can be a pain. Here's how you can make your own chickpea flour in a snap.

How to Plan Your Spring Garden with Seed Catalogs

Garden in winter

My favorite week of the year is the week between Christmas and New Year's. Because that's the week that my rural mailbox becomes inundated with bunches of garden and seed catalogs for the spring planting season.

How to Soak and Cook Dried Beans

Handful of dried heirloom beans

Cooking dried beans yourself is much cheaper, and you get to control the seasoning. Here's a checklist of how to cook dried beans to get the best results.

How to Soak and Use Rice Noodles

Fresh rice noodles

East Asian cooking, especially the cuisine of southeast Asia, uses a lot of rice noodles. They are served hot, cold, in soups, in salads and rolled up into spring rolls.

How to Stir a Pot

Stirring a big pot

What's the best way to stir a pot? Seems simple, doesn't it? But there's actually an old chef's secret for the best way to mix it up.

Measuring Honey 101

Honey on a spoon

But sweet as is it, honey can goo up your measuring utensils. And getting it all into the mixing bowl can be a bear. What to do? Here are three easy steps.

Perennial Vegetables

Handful of garlic scapes

Out on the prairie, in southeast Iowa's Nishnabotna River Valley, located on the third terrace at the south end of my upper garden is my perennial vegetable garden.

The Secret to Fork-Tender Braising

Braised venison shank

No matter how long you leave that stew on the stovetop, it just never gets to that falling apart, melt-in-your-mouth stage? What's the secret to fork-tender braising? It's actually easier than you would think.

Yup! I'm a Tomato Lover

A handful of fresh garden tomatoes

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I caught a glimpse of red and noticed that the homeless gentleman had his right hand held at ear's level, holding a large ripe red tomato.