International Recipes and Cooking Around the World

Trial and Error

Bulgogi and Panchan for Dinner

Korean food market

I was passing by a Korean market recently and was drawn in by the exotic sights, sounds and smells. Instantly I knew...Korean was what's for eats tonight!

Making Nacatamales

Plate with a nacatamal

Nacatamales are similar to your average Mexican tamal, but Nicaraguans fill them with a specific blend of meat and vegetables and wrap them in banana leaves instead of corn husks.

Poule au Pot on a Sunday

Simmering pot

Ah, the French. Chicken in a pot — what perfect winter comfort food. So easy. I used carrots, celery and turnips as the veggies.

Thai Green Curry Comfort

Thai green curry with chicken and eggplant

Nothing can beat a good Thai green curry with its warming coconut broth, palate-perking spiciness and all around versatility.

Time to Make the Stollen

Christmas stollen

I say it every year at around the same time: "Gotta make a stollen." And you know what? I never do. Until now that is. And boy am I glad I did!

¡¡Finalmente Empanadas!!

Chilean meat empanadas

Empanadas are everywhere in the Latin world and there are countless variations. From Baja California in the north to the southernmost tip of Chile, empanadas are part of the local cuisine.