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El Salvador: Recipes and Cuisine

Salvadoran dancers

Image Creative Commons by sjb5

This tiny country on the Pacific coast has made a rich contribution to Central American cooking. The cuisine of El Salvador is similar to that of its neighbors, with a strong reliance on indigenous foods like corn, beans, squash and tomatoes. The influence of Mayan culture is quite strong, mixed in with contributions from the Spanish kitchen. Pupusas and curtido may be the most well known Salvadoran dishes, but other tasty dishes include pavo salvadoreño, atol de elote, quesadilla and semita.


Salvadoran Recipes


Woman making pupusas

(Salvadoran, Honduran stuffed masa flatbread)


Pupusas with curtido

(Salvadoran cabbage salad)


A bowl of fresh chismol

(Central American fresh tomato, pepper and onion salsa)