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Afghanistan: Cuisine and Recipes

Afghan market and vendors

Afghan cuisine is rich and full-flavored, with echoes of the cooking of Iran, Pakistan and India and a resemblance to the foods of its Central Asian neighbors to the north. The cooking of Afghanistan includes regional variations between the major ethic groups — the Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras and Uzbeks. A distinction too can be found between dishes served in mountain communities and the food of villages in fertile valleys.


Afghani Recipes

Try these recipes from Afghanistan.


Bichak Recipe (Afghani stuffed savory and sweet pastries)

(Afghan stuffed savory and sweet pastries)

Qorma Lawand

Chicken korma

(Afghan chicken curry in an onion, nut and yogurt sauce)


Jars of vegetable torshi

(Iranian, Afghan pickled vegetables)


Strained yogurt

(Afghan strained, salted yogurt; see Yogurt recipe variations)


Kofta meatball curry

(South and Central Asian spiced meatballs; see Kefta recipe)


Naan (Indian, Pakistani tandoor-baked bread)

(Afghan tandoor-baked bread; see Naan recipe)