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Uzbekistan: Cuisine and Recipes

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From the big, open spaces of the Qizilqum desert in the west, to mountains and fertile valleys in the east, Uzbek cooking is hearty fare, especially suited to meat lovers. Bitter winters are warmed by simmering soups and stews, while exquisite pilaf dishes accompany outdoor dining on hot summer nights.

Typical Uzbek Dishes

A list of typical Uzbek dishes and foods. Use it to help you plan a Uzbek-style meal, party or festival.


  • Salat Achichuk (Tomato and onion salad)
  • Salat Tashkent (Beef and radish salad)

Soups and Stews

  • Dimlama (Meat and vegetable stew)
  • Karam Shurva (Cabbage soup)
  • Kesma Lagman (Meat stew with thick noodles)
  • Mastava (Meat and rice soup)
  • Moshugra (Mung bean and noodle soup)
  • Shurbo Dushpera (Dumpling soup)

Dairy and Cheese

  • Suzma (Cheese curds)

Pasta and Dumplings

  • Chuchvara (Small meat dumplings)
  • Gushtli Manti (Meat-filled dumplings)


  • Kurdak (Stewed meat)
  • Naryn (Horsemeat with noodles)
  • Shashlik (Meat kebabs)
  • Tandir Kabob (Roasted lamb)
  • Yakhna Til (Boiled beef tongue)

Fish and Seafood

  • Kovurilgan Balik (Pan-fried fish)

Vegetables and Beans

  • Bulgori Dulma (Stuffed bell peppers)
  • Buglama Kovoq (Steamed pumpkin)
  • Karam Kulma (Stuffed cabbage)
  • Kovatok Dulma (Stuffed grape leaves)


  • Behili Palov (Quince pilaf)
  • Buhorocha Bahsh Palov (Rice pilaf with greens)
  • Qovoqli Pilaf (Pumpkin pilaf)
  • Plov (Meat and rice pilaf)

Breads and Grains

  • Kutabi (Stuffed flatbread)
  • Lochira (Tashkent flatbread)
  • Obi Non (Tandoor-baked bread)
  • Piyozli Qatlama (Pan-fried onion bread)
  • Samsa (Meat-stuffed pastries)


  • Chak Chak (Sweet fried dough balls)
  • Dinya (Sweet melons)
  • Lavz (Sesame halva)
  • Sumalak (Sweet wheat paste)


  • Ayron (Yogurt drink)
  • Kok Choy (Green tea)

Uzbek Recipes

Try these recipes from Uzbekistan.


Shashlik (Central Asian grilled skewered lamb)

(Central Asian grilled skewered lamb)


Plov (Uzbek rice pilaf with lamb or beef)

(Central Asian rice pilaf with lamb or beef)


A bowl of Uzbek manti dumplings

(Central Asian steamed meat dumplings)