Course | Dumplings

Hearty and filling, dumplings are a comforting way to fill empty stomachs. Whether Chinese potstickers, Italian gnocchi, Polish pierogi or Turkish manti, dumplings are found in many shapes and many forms around the world.

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Dumpling Recipes

Gnocchi alla Romana

Pastas | Gnocchi alla Romana Image

(Italian baked semolina dumplings)

Gnocchi alla Romana are gnocchi, Roman-style. Unlike the more familiar potato gnocchi, these are made out of semolina and are baked with a cheese topping. Owing to its large Italian community, this dish is also found in Argentina. Read more »


(Jewish chickpea and chicken dumplings)

Gundi, a wholesome and comforting dish of dumplings made of ground chicken and chickpea flour, originated with the Jewish population of Iran. The recent emigration of Iranian Jews people to Israel has made gundi (sometimes called gondi) more and more familiar to Israelis. Read more »


Dumplings | Kartoffelknoedel

(German potato dumplings)

Kartoffelknödel figure in the cuisine of most of the regions of Germany, and are a typical side dish with roasted and braised meats. This particular dumpling recipe, using both cooked and raw potatoes, comes from Bavaria. Potato dumplings are also popular in the Czech Republic, where they are known as bramborové knedlíky. Read more »


Dumplings | Khinkali

(Georgian meat-filled dumplings)

Khinkali are a specialty of the Caucasus nation of Georgia. They are most often enjoyed at special restaurants where the tasty, meat-filled dumplings are served simply with a generous sprinkling of crushed black pepper. While ground beef and lamb are the most common fillings, you can also make khinkali stuffed with chopped mushrooms or cheese. Read more »


Dumplings | Matzo Ball Soup

(Israeli, Jewish matzo balls in broth)

This recipe will give you knaidlach (KNAYD-lach) just like Bubbe used to make. In this most famous of Passover dishes, matzo meal is mixed with eggs and a little water and oil and gently formed into balls that are simmered then served in chicken broth. Also spelled knaidels or knaidelach. Read more »


Pastas | Maultaschen Image

(German meat-filled pasta dumplings)

Maultaschen are a Swabian specialty from southwestern Germany. The word means "mouth pockets," and they are akin to Italian ravioli, Chinese wontons and Jewish kreplach. Read more »


Pastas | Pierogi Image

(Polish stuffed dumplings)

Pierogi is the Polish name for this popular East European stuffed dumpling. But they are known as vareniki to Russians. Jews of Eastern European origin call them pirogen, or piroshke. Pierogi come in both savory and sweet versions. Potato and cottage cheese fillings are the most common, but mushroom, meat, cabbage and fruit-filled versions are popular in different areas and countries. Read more »


Pastas | Semmelknoedel Image

(German bread dumplings)

These dumplings, also known as Semmelklöße, come from Bavaria. "Semmeln" is the German word for dinner rolls. Serve these dumplings as a side with roasts or pork chops and a sauce. Known as zsemlegombóc in Hungary and houskové knedlíky in the Czech Republic. Read more »

Siu Mai

Appetizers | Siu Mai Image

(Chinese steamed pork and shrimp dumplings)

Siu mai (SHOO-my), or shaomai, are popular little steamed dumplings from southeastern China. They are sold by shops as a quick snack food or from carts in dim sum restaurants as part of a larger menu selection. Read more »


Pastas | Spaetzle Image

(German egg dumplings)

Spätzle (SHPEHT-sluh, SHPEHT-sel, or SHPEHT-slee) is a simple egg dumpling popular in southwestern Germany and parts of Switzerland and Austria. It is served as a side dish, often with roast pork, sausages, schnitzel or goulash. It is sometimes spelled Spaetzle. Other names are Spatzen, Spätzli and Knöpfle. Read more »