Philippines: Menu of Typical Dishes

Flag of the Philippines

A list of typical Filipino dishes and foods. Use it to help you plan a Filipino-style meal, party or festival.

Typical Filipino Dishes


  • Lumpia (Filipino eggrolls)
  • Tokwa't Baboy (Pork and tofu cubes in salty-sour sauce)
  • Ukoy (Shrimp and sweet potato fritters)

Soups and Stews

  • Caldereta (Beef stew)
  • Dinuguan (Pork blood stew)
  • Kare-Kare (Oxtail and tripe stew)
  • Mechado (Beef stew)
  • Menudo (Pork liver stew)
  • Pochero (Chicken and vegetable stew)
  • Tinolang Manok (Ginger chicken soup with papaya)


  • Pancit Bihon (Rice noodles with meat and vegetables)
  • Pancit Canton (Egg noodles with pork and vegetables)
  • Pancit Malabon (Noodles with shrimp sauce)


  • Adobong Manok (Chicken in vinegar sauce)
  • Apritada (Chicken and potatoes in tomato sauce)
  • Chicken Relyeno (Boneless stuffed, rolled chicken)
  • Pinaupong Manok (Chicken steamed on a bed of salt)
  • Sinampalukang Manok (Chicken with tamarind leaves and sprouts)


  • Ampalaya con Carne (Beef and bitter melon in black bean sauce)
  • Bistik (Beef and potatoes in a sour-salty sauce)
  • Bola Bola (Meatballs)
  • Bopis (Minced pork heart and lungs)
  • Caldereta (Beef stew)
  • Embutido (Baked chicken and pork roll)
  • Kilawin (Pickled pork snouts)
  • Lechon (Roast suckling pig)
  • Pork Adobo (Pork in vinegar sauce)
  • Paksiw na Lechon (Pork in liver sauce)
  • Tocino (Pork sausage)

Fish and Seafood

  • Daeng na Bangus (Curried milkfish)
  • Kinilaw (Vinegar-marinated fish)
  • Relyenong Bangus (Stuffed milkfish)
  • Sarsiado (Fish with tomatoes, peppers and peas)

Vegetables and Beans

  • Ginataang Langka (Jackfruit stewed in coconut milk)
  • Pinakbet (Simmered eggplant, okra and bitter melon)

Breads and Grains

  • Goto (Rice gruel with tripe)
  • Rice


  • Lechon Sauce (Pork liver sauce)


  • Bibingka (Cassava custard)
  • Biko (Sweet coconut rice)
  • Ginataan (Sweet potato, fruit and rice in coconut cream)
  • Halayang Ube (Purple yam)
  • Halo-Halo (Mixed fruit, beans and coconut)
  • Kutsinta (Brown rice cakes)
  • Leche Flan (Caramel custard)
  • Maja Blanca (Dense coconut cake)
  • Palitaw (Coconut cookies)
  • Puto (Rice muffins)
  • Turon (Fried banana rolls)


  • Gulaman at Sago (Gelatin with pearl tapioca)