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France: Recipes and Cuisine

Village in Provence, France

Image by Bert Kaufmann

As the creators of what is widely acknowledged to be one of the world's great cuisines, the French were the first to codify their repetoire of dishes into standard recipes. Butter, cream and cheese are used to luscious results in the north of the country. Southern Provencal cuisine works miracles with olive oil, fresh herbs and abundant seafood.

Typical French Dishes

French Recipes

Try these recipes from France.

Le Grand Aïoli

Aioli garlic sauce in mortar

(French Provençal cod and vegetables with garlic mayonnaise)


Oysters with mignonette sauce

(French peppercorn sauce for raw oysters)

Soupe au Pistou

Pot of soupe au pistou ready to eat

(French Provençal vegetable and bean soup with basil-garlic sauce)


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