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Sweden: Recipes and Cuisine

Gamla stan (Old town) in Stockholm, Sweden
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Swede's enjoy a simple, elegant cuisine based on meats, fish and seafood, potatoes, cabbage, root vegetables and a variety of fresh berries. Hearty and warming meatballs and dumplings are popular, often served with cream-based sauces. Tart lingonberry jam is a beloved condiment and cuts through any heaviness. Pea soup is traditional on Thursdays. The Swedish smörgåsbord, a buffet feast, is world-famous.


Swedish Recipes

Try these recipes from Sweden.


Ärtsoppa (Swedish yellow pea soup)

(Swedish yellow pea soup)

Ärtsoppa (AIRT-soh-puh) is a thick yellow pea soup traditionally served on Thursday evenings in Sweden, along with ham or sausages and pancakes with jam. A similar soup made with green split peas and called hernekeitto is eaten in Finland. Read more about Ärtsoppa


Bowl of blackberries

(Swedish berry cream dessert)

Enjoy this spring and summer dessert, so refreshing in its simplicity. Bärkräm is a creamy berry pudding from Sweden that can be made with blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries, or any berries in season. Read more about Bärkräm


Gravlax Recipe (Swedish cured salmon)

(Swedish cured salmon)

Gravlax--also spelled gravlaks, gravadlax, or gravadlaks — is a classic Swedish way to preserve salmon. It is often served as part of the first course of a smörgåsbord. Gravlax is delicious on a slice of rye bread with a bit of hovmästarsås or a squeeze of lemon. Read more about Gravlax


Hasselbackspotatis Recipe (Swedish Hasselback butter-baked potatoes)

(Swedish Hasselback butter-baked potatoes)

Hasselback potatoes are a stellar side dish when you want to wow special guests. Deep parallel cuts let the butter's rich flavor penetrate to the heart of the potatoes as they bake and ensure a golden-brown crust. Read more about Hasselbackspotatis


Dijon mustard

(Swedish mustard-dill sauce)

A classic accompaniment to gravlax, hovmästarsås, a dill-scented mustard sauce, is an excellent condiment for all kinds of fish and seafood. Hovmästarsås (pronouced "hohv-mestar-sohs") comes together in a snap. Another name for this creamy spread is gravlaxsås. Read more about Hovmästarsås

Janssons Frestelse

Janssons Frestelse Recipe (Swedish potato, onion and cream casserole)

(Swedish potato, onion and cream casserole)

The name of this creamy potato side dish (YAHN-sonz FREH-stel-suh)is Swedish for "Jansson's temptation." It's not really clear just who Jansson was — either a 19th century opera singer, or a character in an early 20th century Swedish film. Either way, an entire nation was tempted in the end. Read more about Janssons Frestelse

Stekt Gås

Stekt Gås Recipe (Swedish roast Christmas goose)

(Swedish roast Christmas goose with pan gravy)

Roast goose is a favorite Christmas dish in many countries. This version, with its apple stuffing, comes from Sweden. Unlike other poultry, all goose flesh is dark meat and roasts up like a lean roast beef. Geese, like ducks, are fatty birds,but prepared correctly the meat will be nice and lean and not greasy at all. Read more about Stekt Gås