Fish and Seafood

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Human beings have harvested the bounty of the waters ever since they set up camp alongside streams, around lakeshores or on the coast of the wide open sea. Not only are fish and seafood tasty and versatile, every week brings a new study on the health benefits of including seafood in your diet.

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More people around the world are eating fish and seafood than ever before. One unfortunate consequence of this growing appetite is an alarming plunge in many of the world's river, lake and marine species. So it pays to be mindful of what you buy and eat.

One good resource for what is okay to consume and what to avoid is the Seafood Watch Pocket Guide from the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California. The guide is easy to print, fold and store in your wallet. The aquarium updates the guide frequently, so you know your always on top of the latest recommendations.

Download the Seafood Watch Pocket Guide from Monterey Bay Aquarium. They also have a great iPhone app.

Fish and Seafood Recipes


Ingredients | Limes Image

(Caribbean lime-poached fish)

Blaff is a way a preparing fish that is popular in the Caribbean, especially on the island of Martinique. Fish is marinated in lime juice, garlic and hot peppers and is then poached in the marinade. Some say the name comes from the sound the fish makes as you plop it in the simmering broth. Others say it comes from a mispronunciation of the word "broth" itself. Read more »


Soups | Bouillabaisse Image

(French Provençal seafood stew)

Bouillabaisse is one of the great dishes of French Provençal cuisine. The recipe looks intimidating, doesn't it? Well it shouldn't. Making it is actually fairly simple. The key is using top-notch ingredients. Read more »

Boulettes de Poisson

Fish | Boulettes de Poisson

(Senegalese fried fish balls in tomato sauce)

The Senegalese love eating these tasty little fried fish balls with a spicy tomato sauce or served over their famous rice and vegetable dish, ceebu jen. Use any kind of skinned and boned white-fleshed fish; cod, hake, perch, tilapia all work well. Read more »

Ca Kho To

Fish | Ca Kho To

(Vietnamese clay pot fish with caramel sauce)

Vietnamese kho (pronounced "kaw") dishes are comforting braised foods cooked in clay pots, and flavored with nuoc mau, a delectable caramel sauce with deep molasses and coffee tones. This kho recipe features fish (), but pork, chicken, seafood, tofu or eggs are also used. Read more »

Caldillo de Congrío

Fish | Caldillo de Congrio

(Chilean seafood stew)

Chile's long Pacific coast makes it a a veritable paradise for culinary fans of fruits of the sea. Chileans use their ocean bounty in countless ways. A favorite is caldillo de congrío, a simple fisherman's stew made with red conger eel, known as congrío colorado. Congrio can be difficult to find outside Chile, but you can substitute any good white-fleshed fish to similarly delectable results. Read more »

Camarões Piri-Piri

Ingredients | Peppers, Piri-Piri

(Mozambican, Angolan shrimp in fiery red pepper sauce)

The blazing hot red pepper called the piri-piri burns up dishes in the southern African nations of Mozambique and Angola. Piri-piri sauce, or molho de piri-piri, is used both as a marinade for fish, shrimp or chicken and as a tabletop condiment. Piri-piri is also popular in Portugal, especially with chicken in frango piri-piri. Sometimes spelled pili-pili or peri-peri, another name for it is the malagueta pepper. Read more »

Cedar Plank Salmon

Fish | Cedar Plank Salmon

(Canadian salmon grill-roasted on aromatic wood)

Cedar planking is a unique way of cooking fish used by countless generations of Indians in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Roasting wild salmon on aromatic cedar gives it a rich flavor redolent of the deep woods and crystal clear streams. Read more »

Ceebu Jen

Fish | Ceebu Jen

(Senegalese fish with rice and vegetables)

Ceebu jen (cheh-boo jen) is one of the most popular dishes in Senegal, especially along the coast. A Wolof term meaning "rice and fish," ceebu jen is a tomatoey mix of fish, rice and cooked vegetables that shows a strong resemblance to Spanish paella and Creole jambalaya. Read more »


Fish | Ceviche Image

(Latin citrus-marinated seafood)

Ceviche is believed to have originated in Peru or Ecuador in Inca times. The seafood was originally marinated in chicha, a fermented corn beverage. Spanish conquerors brought with them citrus trees and the juice of the lemon, lime and Seville orange was substituted. Over time, ceviche became popular throughout Latin America, and each country, locale and cevichería supplies its own twist on the basic recipe. Read more »

Chao Ha Qiu

Ingredients | Peas in the Pod

(Chinese stir-fried shrimp with peas)

For a simple stir fry with a delicate flavor, try this quick shrimp dish. The peas look like little jade pearls and highlight the sweetness of the shrimp. Read more »

Chevrettes à la Vanille et Coco

Ingredients | Vanilla Beans

(Tahitian shrimp in coconut-vanilla sauce)

The best vanilla in the world comes from Tahiti, and Tahitian chefs are known for their fabulous creamy coconut and vanilla sauces. This rich recipe uses shrimp, but you could also use fish or chicken. Read more »

Chupe de Camarones

Soups | Chupe de Camarones

(Peruvian shrimp chowder)

Chupes are hearty chowders popular along South America's Pacific coast from Chile to Peru. Chupe de camarones is a Peruvian classic made with shrimp and vegetables and is substantial enough to make a full meal. Read more »


Fish | Cioppino

(American fish and seafood stew)

This tomatoey fish stew is perhaps the iconic San Francisco dish. Italian fishmongers in North Beach developed a flavorful broth studded with the best of the day's catch. The name most likely comes from the Italian dialect word ciuppin, for "to chop." But at Fisherman's Wharf, a favorite story you hear is that Italian cooks would ask fishermen to "chip in" to that day's pot. Read more »


Fish | Clambake

(American seafood and vegetable beach barbecue)

A clambake on the beach is a longstanding summer tradition along the New England coast of the northeastern United States. Fresh seafood, potatoes and vegetables are steamed in a seaweed-lined firepit and served with lots of melted butter. Read more »

Creole Barbecue Shrimp

Country | United States | Louisiana Shrimping Boats

(American Southern spicy sauteed shrimp)

Spice up your dinner plans with this winning recipe for Creole barbecue shrimp. In New Orleans, the word "barbecue" doesn't mean that the shrimp is grilled. This shrimp dish is sauteed in lots of spices, garlic and butter with a splash of beer for extra flavor. Aieee! "Suck da heads" for all the flavor. Read more »

Fish and Chips

Fish | Fish and Chips Image

(English batter-fried fish with fried potato wedges)

As simple as it is satisfying, fish and chips is classic English street food. The first chip shop opened in London in the mid 19th century, and by the 1930s the shops were located in towns all over England. Fish and chips is classically served in a rolled up newspaper with a sprinkling of salt and a shake or two of malt vinegar. Read more »

Fish Pie

(Jamaican baked fish and eggs)

Fish pie is a traditional English dish of creamy baked fish and eggs, often topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. The basic recipe was adopted and revised by Jamaicans, who gave it the tropical twist of coconut and the fiery punch of hot pepper sauce. Read more »

Gamberetti all'Agro

Fish | Gamberetti all'Agro

(Italian lemon-marinated shrimp)

Gamberetti all'agro is a simple antipasto is popular all along the Italian coast. The simple flavors of the poached shrimp mingled with citrusy juice make a perfect finger food for a summer's evening get-together. Read more »

Garides me Feta

Fish | Garides me Feta

(Greek shrimp baked with tomatoes and feta)

Garides me feta is popular in Greek taverns, where it is usually served in an earthenware dish called a youvetsi. Other names for the dish are garides youvetsi or garides saltsa. Read more »


Fish | Gravlax

(Swedish cured salmon)

Gravlax--also spelled gravlaks, gravadlax, or gravadlaks — is a classic Swedish way to preserve salmon. It is often served as part of the first course of a smörgåsbord. Gravlax is delicious on a slice of rye bread with a bit of hovmästarsås or a squeeze of lemon. Read more »


Grains | Jambalaya

(American Cajun-Creole rice with chicken, shrimp and andouille sausage)

A classic of Cajun-Creole cuisine, jambalaya got its start in the French Quarter of New Orleans when Spanish immigrants cooked up a dish similar to their beloved paella from home. The name probably comes from a French Provencal word meaning "mix up" or "mash up." Read more »

Jhinga Goa Curry

Country | India Goa Image

(Indian shrimp in spicy coconut curry)

Goa curry in one form or another is eaten up and down the western coast of India. There are endless variations, but the basic qualities are a fiery hot coconut curry with the sour punch of tamarind. Read more »

Kaeng Kiao Wan Kung

Fish | Kaeng Kiao Wan Kung

(Thai shrimp in green curry sauce)

Kaeng kiao wan is the Thai phrase that indicates a green curry. Shrimp (kung, khung, or goong) is a very popular type of green curry dish, but you can substitute fish, chicken, beef, or shellfish according to your taste. Read more »

Kerala Fish Curry

Fish | Kerala Fish Curry

(Indian fish in a tangy coconut curry)

Kerala curry is a famous fish curry from the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is traditionally served in a shallow clay dish called a chatty, or manchatti. Read more »

Le Grand Aïoli

Ingredients | Garlic

(French Provençal cod and vegetables with garlic mayonnaise)

This garlic lovefest is an old favorite for the people of the Provence region of France. Hand-made garlic mayonnaise is served as a wonderfully pungent accompaniment to platters of poached cod and a variety of seasonal vegetables. Le grand aïoli is especially popular at large village gatherings. Sometimes called l'aïoli monstre or simply l'aïoli. Serve with a nice rosé wine. Read more »