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Christmas: Recipes and Traditions

Christmas gingerbread house

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The celebration of Christmas takes place on December 25th every year. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, whom Christians consider the Son of God and Savior of mankind. Favorite Christmas traditions include exchanging gifts with family and friends, lighting and decorating Christmas trees, singing carols, drinking eggnog and baking all manner of sweets and treats.

Christmas food traditions vary widely around the world. Puerto Ricans make pasteles. Germans roast goose or duck. The British prefer roast turkey. And Mexicans steam enormous batches of tamales.

Traditions differ from family to family, but a typical Christmas Eve dinner is a relatively simple affair, sometimes followed by nighttime church services. Gifts are exchanged on Christmas morning, followed by a large family meal.

Christmas Recipes


(Mexican warm cornmeal beverage)


(Polish hunter's stew of meat, cabbage and sauerkraut)


(Puerto Rican coconut-rum beverage)


(American egg and cream Christmas beverage)


(Norwegian potato flatbread)


(Honduran, Nicaraguan meat and vegetable-filled tamales)


(Italian Christmas honey fruitcake)


(Puerto Rican savory cakes in banana leaves)


(Australian meringue with whipped cream and fruit)