Tomatoes: Buying, Storing and Using

Ingredients | Tomatoes on Vine Image

Lycopersicon lycopersicum is an amazingly versatile fruit with an almost endless variety. Mostly used as a vegetable, the tomato comes from a large family of crop plants that includes potatoes, peppers and the eggplant. Read more »

Afritada Manok

Poultry | Afritada

(Filipino chicken and vegetables in tomato sauce)

Afridata — also known as apritada or apritadang — is an easy-to-make, homestyle dish that shows the strong influence of the Philippines' Spanish colonial history. Savory chicken and the bright flavors of fresh vegetables are bathed in a garlicky tomato sauce and served over hot rice. Read more »

Arroz a la Mexicana

Grains | Arroz a la Mexicana Image

(Mexican rice with tomatoes)

Also known as Spanish rice, arroz a la mexicana is one of the most popular ways to prepare rice in Mexico and the American Southwest. The tomatoes give it a rich, ruddy hue and a deep, rounded flavor. Read more »

Baigan Bhurta

Ingredients | Eggplant Image

(Indian eggplant and tomatoes)

Baigan bhurta, sometimes spelled baigan bharta, is kind of like an Indian version of the Middle East's baba ghanoush. The eggplant is roasted and the pulp mixed with tomatoes and spices. Serve as a side dish or spread on chapati or naan. Read more »

Boeuf à l'Haïtienne

Ingredients | Red Bell Peppers

(Haitian beef with tomatoes and peppers)

This simple, flavorful dish is characteristic of the Haitian love of tasty meat and vegetable dishes. Boeuf à l'haïtienne tastes even better if served the next day. Read more »

Boulettes de Poisson

Fish | Boulettes de Poisson

(Senegalese fried fish balls in tomato sauce)

The Senegalese love eating these tasty little fried fish balls with a spicy tomato sauce or served over their famous rice and vegetable dish, ceebu jen. Use any kind of skinned and boned white-fleshed fish; cod, hake, perch, tilapia all work well. Read more »

Braciole alla Pizzaiola

Meats | Braciole over Pasta

(Italian beef cutlets simmered in tomato sauce)

Pizzaiola is an Italian word that means "pizza style." And it perfectly describes this dish of thinly pounded beef cutlets simmered briefly in a simple tomato sauce. Read more »


Soup | Bredie

(South African lamb stew)

Bredies are simple, traditional South African mutton stews in the Cape Malay tradition. The most popular are green bean bredie, tomato bredie and cabbage bredie. A basic bredie recipe is listed here, with the more common variations below. (Tip: A bredie will always taste better served the day after it is made.) Read more »

Bruschetta alla Romana

Appetizers | Bruschetta Image

(Italian grilled bread with tomatoes)

Bruschetta, at its most basic, is bread that is grilled and then rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil. Topping these tasty toasts with fresh tomatoes makes a popular Roman antipasto, just perfect for the dog days of late summer. Read more »


Vegetables | Chakalaka

(South African spicy tomato, pepper and onion dish)

Born in the townships of South Africa, chakalaka is a simple, spicy dish of onions, tomatoes and often beans. It has been a staple for generations of black South Africans, and is a required condiment at South African braais, or barbecues. And what a fun name! Read more »

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