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Human beings have supplemented their diets with meat since our hunter-gatherer days. Some of the oldest evidence of human activities is stone tools for bringing down prey. These days a variety of domesticated animals give us the major portion of our protein. Roasted, grilled, braised, barbequed or fried, meat takes kindly to a variety of cooking methods.

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Meat Recipes

Arni me Patates sto Fourno

Meats | Arni me Patates Image

(Greek roast lamb with potatoes)

A whole spit-roasted lamb is the classic Easter feast for most Greeks. But this recipe for roast leg of lamb with potatoes is popular too. It is just as tasty, yet simpler to prepare and more suitable for smaller gatherings. The variation with artichokes makes the dish a full meal. Read more »


Meats | Baho

(Nicaraguan beef, plantains and yuca steamed in banana leaves)

Baho, or vaho, is one of the cornerstones of Nicaraguan cuisine. Beef, plantains and yuca (cassava) are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed over water in a large pot. Baho is food for a Sunday afternoon. Start the recipe on Saturday by marinating the meat. Vaho means "mist" in Spanish and evokes the unique cooking method for this hearty meal. Read more »

Baked Country Ham

Meats | Country Ham Image

(American Southern roasted ham)

Country hams are an old tradition in the American South. Fresh pork legs are salt-cured, sometimes smoked, and then dry aged for several months. Because the meat can be very salty, country hams must be soaked in water for a time to remove excess salt. Baked country ham is the perfect centerpiece for any family celebration. Leftovers are great for breakfast with red-eye gravy or served as a sandwich in buttermilk biscuits. Read more »

Beef and Okra

Ingredients | Okra Image

(Jamaican beef and okra stew)

This recipe makes a simple meat and vegetable stew with tons of flavor. It's a typically Caribbean concoction using that favorite vegetable import from Africa — okra. Try using goat instead of beef if you can find it. Read more »


Grains | Bibimbap

(Korean mixed rice bowl with toppings)

Koreans love bibimbap, and this simple rice dish is often used as a tasty way of using up leftovers. A generous helping of steamed rice is placed in serving bowls, topped with a variety of meat and vegetables and topped with a strong fermented soybean paste called gochujang. Read more »


Meats | Bigos

(Polish hunter's stew of meat, cabbage and sauerkraut)

The national dish of Poland, bigos is an amazing melange of meats and sausages slowly braised over a bed of mellow sauerkraut. Bigos is a popular cold-weather dish in Poland where it provided a handy way of using up cabbage that was put up before winter set in. Bigos is a favorite meal for the day after Christmas and is also popular in Lithuania and Belarus. Read more »


Meats | Bobotie Image

(South African curried meat casserole)

Bobotie is a very old South African dish with probable origins in Indonesia or Malaysia. The name derives from the Indonesian "bobotok," and the dish was likely adapted by Dutch traders and brought back to the region around Cape Town. Read more »


Meats | Boerewors

(South African homemade farmer's sausage)

This spiral-shaped sausage is a popular braai (barbecue) meat in South Africa. Made with beef and pork and flavored with coriander and vinegar, boerewors has its roots in the Netherlands. And while it originated with white Afrikaner South Africans, this tasty sausage is now popular throughout southern Africa. Read more »

Boeuf à l'Haïtienne

Ingredients | Red Bell Peppers

(Haitian beef with tomatoes and peppers)

This simple, flavorful dish is characteristic of the Haitian love of tasty meat and vegetable dishes. Boeuf à l'haïtienne tastes even better if served the next day. Read more »


Soups | Bogracsgulyas Image

(Hungarian beef and pepper stew)

Bográcsgulyás (boh-GRACH goo-YAHSH), or goulash, is one of the classics of Hungarian cuisine. Variations of this basic dish are popular throughout Central Europe. Bogrács is Hungarian for "kettle", and gulyás was originally the word for "cowboy." Today goulash refers to both the herdsmen and the stew they first cooked in their kettles. Read more »

Bosanski Burek

Meats | Bosanski Burek

(Bosnian ground beef meat pie)

Savory fillings baked in a thin pastry dough are popular throughout southeastern Europe, a legacy of the Ottoman Empire. They go by a variety of names — börek, bourek, böreği, bouréki. The Bosnian version, burek, is an easy ground beef meat pie rolled up into a snail-like form. Read more »

Braciole alla Pizzaiola

Meats | Braciole over Pasta

(Italian beef cutlets simmered in tomato sauce)

Pizzaiola is an Italian word that means "pizza style." And it perfectly describes this dish of thinly pounded beef cutlets simmered briefly in a simple tomato sauce. Read more »

Braised Short Ribs

Meats | Braised Short Ribs

(Jewish beef ribs simmered in red wine)

While brisket is the traditional choice for Passover, more and more Jews are turning to braised beef short ribs as a more tender, flavorful and luxurious option for their post-Seder meal. Read more »

Brasato al Chianti

Ingredients | Chianti Wine Image

(Italian beef braised in red wine)

Brasato al Chianti is great Tuscan cold-weather food and goes well with polenta or potato gnocchi. Brasato, Italian for "braised," can also be made with Barolo or any other Italian red wine. Read more »


Soup | Bredie

(South African lamb stew)

Bredies are simple, traditional South African mutton stews in the Cape Malay tradition. The most popular are green bean bredie, tomato bredie and cabbage bredie. A basic bredie recipe is listed here, with the more common variations below. (Tip: A bredie will always taste better served the day after it is made.) Read more »


Meats | Bulgogi Image

(Korean barbecued beef)

Bulgogi is one of the best known of all Korean dishes. Originally cooked over a wood fire, bulgogi still tastes best with the smoky flavor of the grill. Use a fine grate over  charcoal so the meat doesn't fall through. When prepared in Korean homes or restaurants these days, the meat is often seared on a special curved broiler plate placed in the middle of the table. Each guest cooks his or her own to order. Read more »


Soups | Caldereta Image

(Filipino beef stew)

Caldereta is a comforting beef stew popular in the Philippines. Every family has its own version. Experiment with the ingredients and try different vegetables. Read more »


Soups | Carapulcra

(Peruvian pork and freeze-dried potato stew)

Modern Peruvian cuisine has several dishes with ancient roots in Incan culture, and carapulcra is one of them. Carapulcra is a thick stew made with meat and the freeze-dried potatoes called chuño, or papa seca. Read more »

Carne Asada

Meats | Carne Asada

(Mexican grilled steak)

Carne asada, or grilled meat, is great backyard grill food. It is enjoyed throughout Central America, but is particularly popular in Mexico. Many recipes get very elaborate with the marinade ingredients, but the original recipe relies on a simple combination of onions and citrus juice to highlight the flavor of the beef. Read more »

Carnitas de Puerco

Meats | Carnitas de Puerco Tacos

(Mexican crispy tender shredded pork)

Slow-simmered pork, with a step at the end to add crispiness, carnitas are an amazing option for stuffing tacos, burritos and tamales. Carnitas are easy to make, but it does take some time. Traditional carnitas are always simmered in lard; it adds flavor and tenderness. See the variations for healthier options if all that fat scares you away. Read more »

Carpetbag Steak

Meats | Filet Mignon

(Australian, New Zealander oyster-stuffed steak)

For over-the-top taste and low-effort luxe, nothing can beat carpetbag steak, a dish popular in Australia and New Zealand in the mid 20th century. Prime-cut steak is stuffed with fresh oysters for a luscious melding of flavors. Make carpetbag steak as a special meal to impress family, friends or a new romantic interest. Read more »

Cerdo con Frijoles

Ingredients | Beans, Black Image

(Mexican stewed pork and black beans)

Wild boar, or cerdo, was traditionally used in this typically Mayan dish from southern Mexico. Epazote is an herb that is almost always used to flavor black beans in the Yucatán. You can substitute bay leaf. Read more »

Char Siu

Meats | Char Siu Image

(Chinese barbecue pork)

Originally from southeastern China, char siu barbecue is now a favorite all over Asia. The name translates as "fork-roasted," and describes the method of hanging strips of marinated meat on forked skewers and roasting them in an oven or over an open fire. Read more »

Chicken-Fried Steak

Meats | Chicken-Fried Steak

(American Midwest breaded steak cutlet)

Chicken-fried steak, or country-fried steak, is an old farm recipe designed for cheaper, tougher cuts of beef, primarily round, Swiss or cube steak. It is particularly popular in Texas, where it originates. But it is found north into the upper Midwest and east into the old South. A popular truck-stop menu item, chicken-fried steak is most often served with mashed potatoes and a simple vegetable, often green beans. Read more »

Cochinita Pibil

Meats | Cochinita Pibil

(Mexican citrus-marinated pork slow-roasted in banana leaves)

For an ethereal taste of Yucatecan cuisine, you must try cochinita pibil. This Mayan dish is traditionally made with suckling pig (cochinita) roasted in a pit (pibil). In this simplified recipe, chunks of pork are seasoned with a full-flavored citrus marinade, encased in bananas leaves and slow-roasted in the oven or on the grill. Often called puerco pibil. Read more »