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Grilling: Method and Recipes

Kebabs on the grill

Image by DeusXFlorida

Perk up your backyard cookout with grilling favorites from around the world.

Grilling is the quick cooking of meat, fish or vegetables over intense heat. The source of the heat can be burning wood, simmering coals, a gas flame, or an electric heating element. A related method is broiling, but with broiling the heat source comes from the top instead of the bottom.

Adding Flavor

Items to be grilled can be flavored in a marinade or seasoned with a rub. They can be basted while cooking with any variety of flavorful sauces, or topped with a flavored butter before serving.

Grilling Recipes


South African boerewors on the grill

(South African homemade farmer's sausage)

Murgh Tikka

Murgh Tikka (Indian yogurt-marinated chicken kebabs)

(Indian, Pakistani yogurt-marinated chicken kebabs)

Satay Ayam

Satay Ayam (Indonesian chicken skewers with peanut sauce)

(Indonesian chicken skewers with peanut sauce)

Tandoori Murgh

Tandoori Murgh (Indian, Pakistani yogurt-marinated and broiled chicken)

(Indian, Pakistani yogurt-marinated and broiled chicken)


Sosaties lamb and apricot skewers

(South African curry-marinated lamb and apricot kebabs)


Chimichurri (Argentine parsley-garlic sauce for grill meats)

(Argentine parsley-garlic sauce for grilled meats)


Shashlik (Central Asian grilled skewered lamb)

(Central Asian grilled skewered lamb)


Yakitori (Japanese grilled chicken skewers)

(Japanese grilled chicken skewers)


Mititei (Romanian grilled fresh sausages)

(Romanian grilled fresh sausages)


Tabaka (Georgian chicken under a brick)

(Georgian chicken under a brick)