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Algeria: Recipes and Cuisine

Algerian homes in Algiers

The cuisine of Algeria is part of the Maghreb tradition of Northwestern Africa. Algerian food is a mix of various influences, from Berber to Arabic to French to Jewish. Most cooking is centered around spicy couscous which is served with long-simmered meats and stews. Algerian meals are often finished with dates and fresh fruit.

The palette of Algerian ingredients is essentially Mediterranean, including lamb, chicken, tomatoes, olives, peppers, eggplant, lentils, oranges and lemons. Spicy Algerian merguez sausage is famous around the world.


Algerian Recipes

Try these recipes from the country of Algeria.


(North African eggs poached in a pepper ragout)


(North African steamed pasta grains)


(North African lamb and chickpea stew)


(North African peppers and spice paste)


(Middle Eastern spiced meatballs)