Algeria: Recipes and Cuisine

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The cuisine of Algeria is part of the Maghreb tradition of Northwestern Africa. Algerian food is a mix of various influences, from Berber to Arabic to French to Jewish. Most cooking is centered around spicy couscous which is served with long-simmered meats and stews. Algerian meals are often finished with dates and fresh fruit. The palette of ingredients is essentially Mediterranean, including lamb, chicken, tomatoes, olives, peppers, eggplant, lentils, oranges and lemons. Spicy Algerian merguez sausage is famous around the world.

Algerian Recipes


Vegetables | Chakchouka Image

(North African eggs poached in a pepper ragout)

This dish, with many variations, is a popular breakfast in North Africa, especially in Algeria and Tunisia. Most recipes include the eggs, but they can actually be left out if you like. Jewish immigrants from the Maghreb have made this a popular breakfast dish in Israel. Read more »


Pastas | Couscous and Kebabs

(North African steamed pasta grains)

Couscous is a commonly served type of pasta in the region of Northwest Africa known as the Maghreb. In typical Maghreb cooking, couscous is cooks in the top part of a pot known as a couscousière. The bottom part holds a stew, or tagine, whose simmering vapors steam and flavor the couscous. Read more »

Couscous aux Sept Légumes

Vegetables | Couscous aux Sept Legumes

(Moroccan couscous with lamb and vegetables)

This straightforward couscous dish is one of the most popular dishes in Morocco and the rest of the Maghreb. Seven is considered a lucky number, and while the vegetables used in the dish may vary from family to family, town to town and season to season, the number used is constant. Read more »


Soups | Harira Image

(North African lamb and chickpea stew)

Harira is a soup from the Maghreb region of North Africa that is especially popular as an iftar meal to break the daily fast during Ramadan. There are innumerable variations of this hearty, healthy soup, but most recipes are for chunks of lamb slow simmered with tomatoes, chickpeas, spices and herbs. Read more »


Sauces | Harissa Image

(North African peppers and spice paste)

Harissa is a common spice paste seasoning in the Maghreb of Northern Africa, especially in Tunisia. It is used to add flavor to couscous, pasta, sandwiches and soups, either as a condiment or as an integral ingredient of dishes. Read more »


Meats | Kefta Image

(Middle Eastern spiced meatballs)

Spiced meatballs are common in one form or another from Morocco in the west through the Middle East (kefta or kufta), to Greece (keftedes), Turkey (köfte), Armenia (kyufta), Iran (kufteh, or koofteh) and all the way to India (kofta) in the east. All names for these little balls of wonder derive from the Persian verb kuftan, which means "to grind." Read more »

Khoubz, or Khubz, Araby

(Mediterranean pocket bread; see Pita recipe)

Lahm Lhalou

Ingredients | Dried Fruit in Moroccan Market

(Algerian lamb stewed with prunes)

Lahm lhalou, Arabic for "sweet meat," is a very popular dish in Algeria, especially during the month of Ramadan. The daylong fast is broken first with dates, then with mouthfuls of this unctuous and fragrant dish of tender lamb simmered with sweet fruits. Read more »


(Middle Eastern lemonade; see Lemonade recipe)

Makroud el Louse

Desserts | Makroud el Louse Image

(Algerian almond cookies)

These easy-to-make, flourless cookies are excellent served with tea or coffee. They will keep for over a month stored in a well sealed container. Read more »


(North African marinated olives appetizer; see Olive Marinate recipe variations)