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Lebanon: Recipes and Cuisine

Dry goods vendor, Lebanon

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Lebanese cooking represents the heights of Middle Eastern cuisine. This is the Mediterranean diet at its best, with a heady mix of olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, beans and lean meats and fish. Many of the iconic Middle Eastern dishes — falafel, shawarma, hummus, tabouli are staples of the table in this small country.

Meals in Lebanon are often are served as a variety of mezze, or little dishes. Lebanese sweets and pastries are famous around the world, and are followed up with a strong cup of coffee or bracing, anise-flavored arak.

Typical Lebanese Dishes

A list of typical Lebanese dishes and foods. Use it to help you plan a Lebanese-style meal, party or festival.


  • Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant dip)
  • Hummus bi Tahini (Chickpea and sesame dip)


  • Fattoush (Tomato, cucumber and pita salad)
  • Salatet Malfoof (Cabbage salad)
  • Tabbouleh (Bulgur and parsley salad)


  • Laban (Yogurt)


  • Dajaj Mahshi (Chicken stuffed with rice and pinenuts)


  • Kefta (Spiced meatballs)
  • Kibbee (Ground lamb and bulgur stuffed with pine nuts)
  • Sfeeha (Meat pies)
  • Shawarma (Spiced meat sandwich)

Fish and Seafood

  • Samakah Harrah (Baked fish with tahini sauce)

Vegetables and Beans

  • Falafel (Fried chickpea patties)
  • Kousa Mahshi (Stuffed zucchini)
  • Loubieh bi Zayt (Green beans in tomato sauce)
  • Mahshi Malfouf (Stuffed cabbage rolls)

Breads and Grains

  • Pita (Pocket bread)

Sauces and Condiments

  • Dibs Rumman(Pomegranate molasses)
  • Muhammara (Spicy roasted pepper dip)
  • Taratour (Sesame sauce)
  • Zattar (Middle Eastern spice blend)


  • Baklava (Nut and honey pastry)
  • Dates
  • Figs


  • Arak (Anise-flavored liqueur)

Lebanese Recipes

Try these recipes from Lebanon.


Shawarma vendor

(Middle Eastern spiced meat sandwich)


Kefta meatballs with yogurt sauce

(Middle Eastern spiced meatballs)


Falafel (Middle Eastern fried chickpea patties)

(Middle Eastern fried chickpea patties)


Tabouli (Middle Eastern bulgur and parsley salad)

(Middle Eastern bulgur and parsley salad)


Pita (Mediterranean pocket bread)

(Mediterranean pocket bread)


Baklava (Greek, Turkish nut and phyllo sweet pastry)

(Eastern Mediterranean nut and phyllo sweet pastry)


Tarator Middle Eastern sesame-lemon sauce

(Middle Eastern sesame-lemon sauce)


Muhammara (Middle Eastern spicy red pepper and walnut dip)

(Middle Eastern spicy roasted pepper dip)


Zataar (Middle Eastern spice blend)

(Middle Eastern spice blend)


Yogurt cultured milk

(Middle Eastern cultured milk; see Yogurt recipe)