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Lebanon: Recipes and Cuisine

Dry goods vendor, Lebanon

Image Creative Commons by craigfinlay

Lebanese cooking represents the heights of Middle Eastern cuisine. This is the Mediterranean diet at its best, with a heady mix of olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, beans and lean meats and fish. Many of the iconic Middle Eastern dishes -- falafel, shawarma, hummus, tabouli -- are staples of the table in this small country. Many meals are served as a variety of mezze, or little dishes. Lebanese sweets and pastries are famous around the world, followed up with a strong cup of coffee or bracing, anise-flavored arak.


Lebanese Recipes

Try these recipes from Lebanon.


Shawarma vendor in Istanbul, Turkey

(Middle Eastern spiced meat sandwich)


Kefta Recipe (Middle Eastern spiced meatballs)

(Middle Eastern spiced meatballs)


Falafel Recipe (Middle Eastern fried chickpea patties)

(Middle Eastern fried chickpea patties)


Tabouli (Middle Eastern bulgur and parsley salad)

(Middle Eastern bulgur and parsley salad)


Baking pita bread

(Mediterranean pocket bread)


Taratour Recipe (Middle Eastern sesame sauce)

(Middle Eastern sesame sauce)


Muhammara Recipe (Middle Eastern spicy roasted pepper dip)

(Middle Eastern spicy roasted pepper dip)


Zaatar Recipe (Middle Eastern spice blend)

(Middle Eastern spice blend)


(Middle Eastern cultured milk; see Yogurt recipe)