Pacific Island and Australian Cuisine and Recipes

Australia: Recipes and Cuisine

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In the past, Australia's cuisine largely imitated that of the imperial homeland, Britain. In recent decades, however, Aussies have increasingly opened their eyes and mouths to the gastronomic wealth of recent immigrants and that of their Asian neighbors. Read more »

Papua New Guinea: Recipes and Cuisine

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The cuisine of Papua New Guinea is based on indigenous ingredients easily gathered from the jungle or cultivated in home gardens. The starchy innards of the sago palm yield a flour suitable for breads and puddings. Pork is a popular meat and is often cooked in a traditional firepit called a mumu. A type of sweet potato called a kaukau is a staple vegetable as are a wide variety of greens and tropical fruits. Read more »

Samoa: Recipes and Cuisine

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Samoan cuisine, like much of Samoan life, is enjoyed in a largely communal fashion. Families often gather together for a traditional umu firepit feast where pork is the favorite meat. Seafood and fish are also abundant and very popular. Coconuts are gathered from beaches and used for their meat and for coconut milk and cream. Taro root, bananas and breadfruit form a starchy foundation to the diet. Read more »

Tahiti: Recipes and Cuisine

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The food and cooking of Tahiti is typical Pacific Island cuisine. Pork roasted in a firepit (ahima'a) is a highlight. Fresh fish and seafood are the base for many tasty dishes. Taro root, cassava and rice are staple starches. Taro leaves, bananas and breadfruit are all used as vegetables. Coconut cream enriches dishes, while lime juice gives food a tart punch. Read more »