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Chicken and Poultry Recipes

Rotisserie chicken

Chicken may be the oldest bird domesticated for consumption, but humans have eaten all kinds of fowl for tens of thousands of years. Goose, duck, pigeon, turkey, pheasant and quail are just a partial list of the fowl that makes its way onto dinner plates around the world.

International Chicken and Poultry Recipes

Doro Wat

Ethiopian doro wot chicken stew with injera bread

(Ethiopian chicken in red pepper paste)

Kuku Paka

Kuku Paka (Kenyan curried chicken)

(Kenyan chicken in coconut curry sauce)


Jocon Recipe (Guatemalan chicken in tomatillo-cilantro sauce)

(Guatemalan chicken in tomatillo-cilantro sauce)


Fesenjan (Persian chicken in pomegranate-walnut sauce)

(Persian chicken in pomegranate-walnut sauce)

Tah Chin

Tah Chin Recipe (Persian layered rice and chicken casserole)

(Persian layered rice and chicken casserole)

Satay Ayam

Satay Ayam Recipe (Indonesian chicken skewers with peanut sauce)

(Indonesian chicken skewers with peanut sauce)

Tandoori Murgh

Tandoori Murgh Recipe (Indian yogurt-marinated and broiled chicken)

(Indian, Pakistani yogurt-marinated and broiled chicken)