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The sandwich — one of history's great inventions. A layer of savory filling cushioned on both sides by soft pillows of toothsome bread. See how people around the world have adopted and adapted this portable meal.

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Sandwich Recipes

Bánh Mì

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(Vietnamese baguette sandwich)

The Vietnamese love their banh mi (bánh mì, pronounced "bun mee"). The foundation of this versatile sandwich is French: baguette, mayonnaise and sometimes paté. But everything else in the Saigon sub is pure Vietnamese.  Read more »

Club Sandwich

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(American chicken and bacon sandwich)

It is speculated that the club sandwich — with its layers of chicken, tomatoes and bacon — was originally made at the Saratoga Club House in Saratoga Springs, New York, the same place that invented potato chips. The original version had only two pieces of bread. Read more »

Maine Lobster Rolls

Sandwiches | Lobster Roll Image

(American New England lobster salad sandwiches)

Lobster rolls are a favorite sandwich in sandwich shacks all up and down the coast of Maine. This longstanding symbol of summertime fun is a simple mixture of fresh cooked lobster meat and mayonnaise. In Maine this seafood salad is served in special buns that are split down the top. But you can use regular hot dog buns. Read more »

North Carolina Pulled Pork Recipe

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(American Southern barbecue pork sandwich)

A certain type of barbecue, using vinegar and sugar as a baste and seasoning for the slow-cooked meat, is unique to the eastern part of North Carolina. The best eastern NC-style barbecue is made at a old-fashioned barbecue joint, with a whole pig roasted over a slow hickory fire. Read more »

Pimento Cheese

Appetizers | Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

(American Southern cheese spread and sandwich filling)

Pimento cheese is a well-known and beloved sandwich filling in the Southern United States. A simple mixture of chopped Cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and pimentos, pimento cheese is great between two slices of crustless white bread. Read more »

Sandwich Cubano

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(Cuban pork and cheese sandwich)

The Cubano sandwich started as Cuban cafeteria food for migrant workers in southern Florida. With travels back and forth, the sandwich got a footfold of popularity in Cuba itself. Read more »


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(Middle Eastern spiced meat sandwich)

Shawarma is popular throughout the eastern Mediterranean and is sometimes called the Middle Eastern taco. It originated in northwestern Turkey as döner kebab, which reached its current form and popularity with the Turkish population in Germany. The shawarma sandwich is now found in a variety of forms around the world. Read more »

Sloppy Joes

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(American Midwest seasoned ground beef sandwiches)

The sloppy joe has a foggy history, but it seems to have originated during the Depression as a way to stretch ground beef during hard times. Several sources place its creation in a small cafe in Sioux City, Iowa, where it was called a "loosemeat" sandwich. No one knows if there was an original Joe, but they sure are sloppy! Read more »