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Spring: Recipes in Season

Spring blossoms on a cherry tree

Image Creative Commons by vshioshvili

With memories of winter fading, tender shoots, young sprouts and fresh greens begin pushing their way through the warming soil. Green peas and firm asparagus are at their peak. Plump red strawberries and fragrant pineapples sweeten market shelves. The widening array of springtime produce is a harbinger of the larger harvest to come.

What's in Season in the Spring?


Spring Recipes

Try these recipes for Spring.



(Israeli Jewish filled tricorner Purim pastries)


Knaidlach Recipe (Israeli, Jewish matzo balls in broth)

(Israeli, Jewish matzo balls in broth)


Kulich Recipe (Eastern Orthodox sweet Easter bread)

(Eastern Orthodox sweet Easter bread)


Lassi Recipe (Indian yogurt drink)

(Indian yogurt drink)

Le Grand Aïoli

Heads of garlic

(French Provençal cod and vegetables with garlic mayonnaise)

Matzo Brei

Matzo Brei Recipe (Jewish-Israeli fried flatbread and eggs)

(Jewish-Israeli fried flatbread and eggs)