South American Cuisine and Recipes

Argentina: Recipes and Cuisine

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Argentinian cuisine is hearty fare, the roots of which can be traced to Spain, Italy, France and Germany, as well as the original inhabitants. Argentinians are famous for their meat consumption, especially beef grilled or roasted and served with piquant chimichurri sauce. Milanesas (veal cutlets), empanadas and pasta show European influence, while potatoes, corn, pumpkin and locro soup are popular traditional foods. Alfajores, cookies filled with dulce de leche, are favorites, as is a bracing cup of hot yerba maté. Read more »

Bolivia: Recipes and Cuisine

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Located high in the Andes, the cuisine of Bolivia combines the traditions of the indigenous Quechua and Aymara population with many of the ingredients and cooking methods of the smaller European population. Popular Bolivian dishes include cheese-filled salteñas, tamal-like humintas and antichuchos, or grilled beef heart. The potato reigns supreme, with hundreds of varieties available, including the naturally freeze-dried chuño. Other common ingredients in Bolivian cooking include ají peppers, peanuts, yuca (cassava), corn and rice. Read more »

Brazil: Recipes and Cuisine

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Brazilian cooking, while it has many similarities with that of its South American neighbors, is distinct and uniquely delicious. Stretching from the Amazon in the north, through the fertile plantations of the central coast and on to the southern pampas, the food of Brazil spans a unique mix of cultures and cuisines. The original population contributed popular ingredients like cassava and guaraná. African slaves influenced the cuisine of the coastal states, especially Bahía. And around the country, a Portuguese heritage is reflected in a variety of dishes. Read more »

Chile: Recipes and Cuisine

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The culinary gods have been good to Chile. With a Mediterranean climate, a wide variety of produce grows in its fields, orchards and vineyards. A long coastline makes fish and seafood plentiful. Chilean cooking is strongly influenced by the Spanish kitchen, but numerous indigenous dishes remain familiar. Pastel de choclo, tamal-like humitas and empanadas are all popular. Grilled meats (parillada) are served with pebre sauce. Common ingredients are corn, beans, pumpkin, potatoes and quinoa. Pisco brandy is the kicker ingredient in pisco sour cocktails. Read more »

Ecuador: Cuisine and Recipes

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Ecuadorian cuisine is known for its innumerable potato varieties, the spicy heat of the ají pepper and the soft crackle of roasting guinea pig. The food is solid, healthy, tasty and can be cooked easily in kitchens around the world. Popular dishes are ceviche, llapingachos, locro (potato soup) and humitas, Incan-style tamales. Read more »

Peru: Recipes and Cuisine

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Peruvian cuisine is a unique mix of ancient Incan roots, Spanish foods, French methods and even Chinese immigrant dishes. The potato was first cultivated here and is still much beloved in its hundreds of varieties. Corn and quinoa form a further starchy foundation for meals. The ají pepper adds spice and color to many dishes. Fish and seafood is abundant along the coast where ceviche is especially popular. Read more »

Venezuela: Recipes and Cuisine

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Venezuelans enjoy a cuisine with a rich regional diversity and influences ranging from Spanish and Italian to African and indigenous. The people of Venezuela are meat lovers. Beef is especially popular, although fish and seafood are common along the long Caribbean coast. Arepas, small cornmeal patties, are a common snack and are grilled or baked and stuffed with all kinds of tasty fillings. Read more »