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Brazil: Recipes and Cuisine

Brazil Bahia street festival

Image by Nicolas Mollmer

Brazilian cooking, while it has many similarities with that of its South American neighbors, is distinct and uniquely delicious. Stretching from the Amazon in the north, through the fertile plantations of the central coast and on to the southern pampas, the food of Brazil spans a unique mix of cultures and cuisines. The original population contributed popular ingredients like cassava and guaraná. African slaves influenced the cuisine of the coastal states, especially Bahía. And around the country, a Portuguese heritage is reflected in a variety of dishes.


Brazilian Recipes


Vatapa Brazilian seafood stew

(Brazilian seafood stew with coconut milk)


Moqueca Brazilian fish and coconut milk stew

(Brazilian fish and coconut milk stew)


Coxinhas (Brazilian deep-fried chicken croquettes)

(Brazilian deep-fried chicken croquettes)


Plate with Brazilian feijoada completa

(Brazilian pork, beef and black bean stew)


Black-eyed pea fritters

(Brazilian black-eyed pea fritters; see Akkra recipe notes.)