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Now you can add your favorite Whats4Eats recipes to your personal cookbook collection. Whats4Eats has worked with to make our very own cookbook available for purchase online. Favorite Recipes is a hand-selected collection of fifty of the most popular recipes on the website.

Venezuelan corn patties...Vietnamese avocado smoothies...Filipino ginger chicken soup...Palestinian rice and eggplant casserole. All this and more is there for you in a pretty, customizable package.

Buy it for yourself, or give it to that friend or family member who loves adventure in cooking.

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Three Easy Steps

  1. Sign Up: Open an account with It's easy and FREE.
  2. Customize: Review the recipes listed for the cookbook. You can remove those you don't want and add others you find elsewhere on Tastebook. They have a huge collection from top sites like Epicurious, AllRecipes, Food&Wine and more. You can even customize the cover of the cookbook and upload your own photos as you make a dish.
  3. Buy It!: The Whats4Eats cookbook with 50 recipes is $29.95. For just $5 more, you can add another 50 recipes. Select just 25 recipes and it's only $19.95. Create individually tailored Tastebooks as excellent gifts for family and friends.

We'll be adding more recipes to the collection as time goes on, so the possibilities for creating just the right cookbook for you will only get better and better.

To learn more, visit Tastebook today.