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Interesting Article about Korean-Mexican Fusion Food

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The New York Times ran an article in Wednesday's Dining and Wine section about the fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine in an itinerant L.A. taco cart. The cart, called Kogi Korean BBQ-To-Go, serves up bulgogi burritos and tacos with kimchee and is part of a general upsurge in the influence of Korean food and chefs, especially on the West Coast.

I've been telling people for a while now that I think Korean cuisine is poised to be the "Next Big Thing." It has clean, bold flavors, a little bit of heat and is generally cheap to make.

And there's definitely been an uptick in the number of Korean restaurants in the Bay Area where I live over the last few years, many of them hipped up versions of the traditional Korean BBQ joint. More than a few Bay Area malls host Korean fast food places—one of them in downtown San Francisco's upscale new Centre Mall. And they are invariably one of the busiest places in the food court. Heaping mounds of steamed sticky rice are served with a scoop of bulgogi, kalbi jjim or chili-spiced tofu and a portion of kimchee.

If you haven't tried Korean yet, I think it's time you taste. Most dishes are very easy to make, generally quite healthy and definitely full of flavor.

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New York Times Article: For a New Generation, Kimchi Goes With Tacos


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