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Screenshot of Manjula's Kitchen homepage on YouTube

Do you love Indian food? Are you a food tv junkie? Prefer a gentle, motherly hand to guide you through a recipe? Then Manjula’s Kitchen is for you!

I came across Manjula while surfing recipe videos on YouTube. This woman is wonderful. Her videos are all homemade, and it appears the camera is held by her husband. She has a variety of Indian dishes represented—a little over 40 as of today—and it’s totally fun to watch her cook.

I tried a couple of her recipes and they turned out really well. I especially liked the besan ka puda. It’s so tasty! The palak paneer is equally good.

The only thing missing now is the Smeller-net or the World Wide Sniff!

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Naan (Indian, Pakistani tandoor-baked bread)

(Indian, Pakistani tandoor-baked bread)