International Recipes and Cooking Around the World

Quick and Easy

A plate of chicken tostadas

Image Creative Commons by Takeaway

Some (most?) days you're pressed for time, and you just need to get a meal on the table with minimal effort and maximum flavor. Turn to the wider world for a cornucopia of options!

The following recipes are relatively straightforward and simple to prepare. And for the most part, they will allow you to get dinner on the table in around an hour or less. Keep in mind that a few do call for time to marinate meat, poultry or fish or to soak dried beans. Start marinating or soaking in the morning, and things will come together quickly for dinner that night.

International quick and easy recipes

Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi (Indian potato and cauliflower curry)

(Indian potato and cauliflower curry)


Gazpacho (Spanish chilled tomato-cucumber soup)

(Spanish chilled tomato-cucumber soup)


Shashlik (Central Asian grilled skewered lamb)

(Central Asian grilled skewered lamb)


Pouring muesli into a bowl

(Swiss oats and fruit breakfast)


Limes on the tree

(Caribbean lime-poached fish)

Su Udon

Su Udon (Japanese noodles in broth)

(Japanese noodles in broth)

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe sandwiches

(American Midwest seasoned ground beef sandwiches)