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Four seasons in Korea

One of the most important concepts for today's cook is seasonality. This means using the right produce at the right time of year. For example, making fresh tomato dishes in August when tomatoes are at their peak. Or buying winter squash in the fall when a large variety comes on the market.

All the Reasons to Buy in Season

  • Produce that is in season is fresher and has higher quality and more nutrition.
  • Out-of-season produce costs more. It has usually traveled a very long way from where seasons are the opposite of yours. It takes money to move it that far.
  • Moving a product that distance uses a lot of energy and packaging and is environmentally not very friendly.
  • Seasonal produce is often local, and buying locally encourages local farmers to diversify their crops, and in turn, your economy.
  • Our forebears cooked with seasonal vegetables out of necessity. Many traditional dishes just fit with the season: pumpkin pie in the fall; potato soup in the winter; radishes on salad in the spring; corn on the cob in late summer. It's good to carry on the tradition.

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