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Nigeria: Recipes and Cuisine

Nigerian market

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Nigeria, a large country in West Africa, is the continent's most populous nation and one of its most diverse. Nigerian food is typically West African, but individual ethnic groups within the country give Nigerian cuisine a wonderful variety of dishes and flavors.

Popular Nigerian dishes include jollof rice, dodo (fried plantains), fufu, or iyan (mashed yams), and moin moin (a bean pudding). Yams, cassava, rice and sorghum are common starches, while tomatoes, peppers, onions, peanuts and beans are important vegetables. Rich red palm oil flavors many dishes. Zobo, a drink from hibiscus blooms, quenches many a thirst.

Typical Nigerian Dishes

Nigerian Recipes

Try these recipes from Nigeria.


Women making fufu

(West African mashed yams)

Ogbono Soup

Bowl of ogbono soup

(Nigerian meat and vegetable stew thickened with ogbono seed)

Moin Moin

Nigerian savory steamed bean pudding

(Nigerian savory steamed bean pudding)

Ewa Dodo

Ewa Dodo (Nigerian black-eyed pea and plantain stew)

(Nigerian black-eyed pea stew with plantains)


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