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Ethiopia: Cuisine and Recipes

Eating tihlo

Image Creative Commons by Rod Waddington

The cuisine of Ethiopia is one of the world's best kept secrets. Ethiopian food is a spicy mix of vegetable and lentil stews and slow-simmered meats. Straddling the Rift Valley of East Africa, Ethiopia has been called the "Land of Bread and Honey."


Ethiopian Recipes

Try these recipes from Ethiopia.

Doro Wat

Ethiopian doro wot chicken stew with injera bread

(Ethiopian chicken in red pepper paste)


Berbere peppers drying in the sun

(Ethiopian red pepper spice paste)


Flax seed

(Ethiopian flaxseed beverage)


Ethiopian honey wine (tej) in typical glass flasks

(Ethiopian honey wine)


Iab (Ethiopian fresh cheese)

(Ethiopian fresh cheese)


Injera (Ethiopian, Eritrean sourdough crepe)

(Ethiopian, Eritrean sourdough crepe)