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Egypt: Recipes and Cuisine

Fruit vendor in Aswan Souk, Egypt

Image Creative Commons by yeowatzup

Egyptian cuisine goes back 5000 years to the time of the pharaohs. The pyramid builders survived on a diet of onions, garlic, coarse bread and beer. Beer is now mostly out of the picture, but those other basic ingredients, supplemented by tomatoes, okra, eggplant, favas, lentils, pasta and rice, still form the foundation of Egyptian food today. Meat has always been spare for Egyptians, given the small sliver of grazable land either side of the Nile. But dairy cattle provide a variety of farmer-style cheeses, and dishes using domesticated pigeon are favorites.


Egyptian Recipes

Try these recipes from Egypt.


Kefta Recipe (Middle Eastern spiced meatballs)

(Middle Eastern spiced meatballs)


Egyptian kushari restaurant

(Egyptian pasta, rice and lentils with tomato sauce)


Taratour Recipe (Middle Eastern sesame sauce)

(Middle Eastern sesame sauce)

Hamam Mahshi

Egyptian pigeon loft

(Egyptian braised squab stuffed with cracked wheat)


Pita bread

(Egyptian pocket bread; see Pita recipe)