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Cuba: Recipes and Cuisine

Vintage car on Havana street

Image by ilkerender

Cuban cuisine is built around rice, beans, vegetables, chicken, pork and tropical fruits. While cooking on the island has become austere under Castro, the expatriate community in southern Florida has kept Cuban cuisine alive and vibrant. La cocina cubana, like most Caribbean cooking, has been influenced by a wide variety of sources — Spanish, African, Taino, even Chinese. Sofrito and alcaparrado season many dishes. Ropa vieja, moros y cristianos, paella, Cuban sandwiches and roast pork are popular dishes.

Typical Cuban Dishes

Cuban Recipes


Women making fufu

(West African mashed yams)


Heads of garlic

(Latin-Caribbean garlic sauce)


Fresh mojito cocktails

(Cuban rum, lime and mint cocktail)


Man making batidos

(Cuban fruit and milk smoothies)


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