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Dessert, Sweets, Cookie and Pastry Recipes

Multicolored macarons

Image Creative Commons by Michael Stern

Whether as a quick snack between meals or to finish out a grand dinner, desserts are an irrestible treat for people around the world. Moderation is key, but take time out of your busy schedule to pull a special dessert together. And then share and enjoy!

International Dessert Recipes

Try these dessert recipes from around the world.


Alfajores (South American dulce de leche sandwich cookies)

(South American dulce de leche sandwich cookies)


Bunch of bananas

(Tahitian fruit pudding)


Kulich (Eastern Orthodox sweet Easter bread)

(Eastern Orthodox sweet Easter bread)


Baklava (Greek, Turkish nut and phyllo sweet pastry)

(Eastern Mediterranean nut and phyllo sweet pastry)


Plate of Persian halva

(Persian rose-scented sweet)


Haupia Hawaiian coconut pudding

(American-Hawaiian coconut pudding)

ANZAC Biscuits

Fresh baked ANZAC biscuits

(Australian, New Zealand oatmeal and coconut cookies)