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Sauteing: Method and Recipes

Sauteed mushrooms

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Sauteing is one of the easiest and quickest methods of cooking. It generally consists of searing portion-sized cuts of meat or fish in hot oil on both sides to brown. The meat or fish is then removed, and the remaining bits and juices in the pan (the fond) are incorporated into either a pre-made sauce or the sauce is made directly in the pan. While it's not totally necessary to make a sauce out of the fond, most respectable chefs consider it a sinful waste of flavor not to.

Sauteing Recipes


Seafood pajeon pancake

(Korean scallion pancake)


Tabaka (Georgian chicken under a brick)

(Georgian chicken under a brick)


Osaka-style okonomiyaki on the griddle

(Japanese savory "as-you-like-it" pancakes)


A pan of migas murcianas

(Portuguese, Spanish leftover bread dish)