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Father's Day: Recipes and Traditions

Father holding baby as mother looks on

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For centuries, March 19th has been set aside by European Catholics as a special day for fathers. That day marks the Feast of St. Joseph, the man who raised Jesus with Mary, and the patron saint of fathers. Father's Day is still observed on that day in some countries with a Catholic tradition.

In the United States, Father's Day was established early in the 20th century as a counterpart celebration to Mother's Day, and set to occur on the third Sunday in June. That date is now by far the most common internationally for the day to celebrate dads everywhere.

Usually a little more low key than Mother's Day, Father's Day is often celebrated with immediate or extended family gathering together for an informal celebration. Children will often give their father a simple gift, such as a homemade card, or something more elaborate, like tools, shaving equipment, electronics or grilling utensils.

Because Father's Day falls in early summer in the United States — and because outdoor cooking was traditionally viewed as man's work — a tradition of backyard barbecues and grilling on a sunny Sunday was inevitable. Hot dogs and hamburgers are very often the star items on the menu.

Father's Day Recipes

Try these recipes for your Father's Day celebration.


Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and onion

(American grilled beef patty sandwiches)


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