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Roasting: Method and Recipes

Basting roast chicken

Roasting is the slow cooking of meat, poultry, fish or vegetables, uncovered, with dry, indirect heat. Spit roasting was the original form. In the modern kitchen, the dry heat of an oven is preferred. Roasting is a method best used with large cuts of meat, whole poultry, whole fish, or with sturdy vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and onions.

The drippings formed on the bottom of a roasting pan are usually used to make a jus or gravy to serve with the meat. And it is an important part of the roasting process to allow roasted meats to rest for a period of time after they are removed from the oven to allow them to relax and redistribute their juices.

Roasting Recipes

Cochinita Pibil

A plate of cochinita pibil

(Mexican citrus-marinated pork slow-roasted in banana leaves)


Mechoui slow-roasted lamb on a spit

(North African spit-roasted lamb)

Stekt Gås

Swedish roast goose

(Swedish roast Christmas goose with pan gravy)