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Iran: Recipes and Cuisine

Family and friends in Isfahan, Iran

Image by Hamed Saber

The culinary traditions of Iran reach back to the time of the ancient Greeks, when Persia was the most powerful civilization in the world. Through time, Persian cuisine has grown and influenced the culinary traditions of the Middle East, Central Asia and India. Iranian cooking is renowned for its elaborate rice dishes, nourishing soups and hearty stews. Iranians delicately flavor their food with herbs, spices and dried fruits. A variety of naan-like breads supplement rice. Pomegranates and dates provide a sweet finish to meals.

Typical Iranian Dishes

Iranian Recipes

Try these recipes from Iran.


Fesenjan (Persian chicken in pomegranate-walnut sauce)

(Persian chicken in pomegranate-walnut sauce)

Tah Chin

Tah Chin (Persian layered rice and chicken dish)

(Persian layered rice and chicken dish)


Plate of Persian halva

(Persian rose-scented sweet)


Jars of vegetable torshi

(Iranian, Afghan pickled vegetables)


Lavash (Southwest Asian thin flatbread)

(Southwest Asian thin flatbread)

Reshteh Polo

Cutting fresh reshteh noodles

(Persian aromatic rice and noodle pilaf layered with meat)


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