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Ginger Beer

Ginger root

(Jamaican ginger beverage)

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Ginger beer is a very popular beverage in Jamaica. This zingy drink goes well with spicy jerk chicken or pork. It is sometimes fermented, but the simpler, non-alcoholic recipe version is given here.

Makes about 2 quarts


  • Gingerroot, chopped -- 3/4 to 1 pound
  • Water -- 2 quarts
  • Sugar -- 2/3 to 3/4 cup
  • Lemons or limes, juice only -- 2 to 3


  1. Place the chopped ginger, 3 cups of the water and 2/3 cup sugar in a blender and puree well. Let set for at least 30 minutes or overnight to extract all the flavor.
  2. Strain the liquid through a fine-meshed sieve and pour into a pitcher. Add enough water to make 2 quarts and stir in the the lemon or lime juice and additional sugar to taste. Chill well before serving.


  • Add more or less ginger to your taste.
  • For a bubbly beverage, puree the ginger with 2-3 cups of regular water, then use club soda to bring the total amount of liquid up to 2 quarts.

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