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Turkey: Recipes and Cuisine

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey

Image by blucolt

Turkey lies at an ancient crossroads of many cultures and empires — Persian, Greek, Roman, Arab, British. The Anatolian peninsula was the center of its own Ottoman Empire for the best part of 600 years. All these influences come together in Turkish cuisine, which is both Mediterranean and Central Asian in nature.

Numerous small dishes and salads, called mezes, are eaten individually as snacks or in numbers as a nutritious meal. Grilled meats and fish lend their smoky flavors to the Turkish table. Olive oil is used lavishly. Yogurt is put to work as a condiment, in sauces, and even as a base for soups. Strong Turkish coffee goes well with honey-sweetened pastries.

Typical Turkish Dishes

Turkish Recipes

Try these recipes from Turkey.


Baklava (Greek, Turkish nut and phyllo sweet pastry)

(Eastern Mediterranean nut and phyllo sweet pastry)

Imam Bayildi

Imam Bayildi (Turkish stuffed eggplant)

(Turkish stuffed eggplant braised in olive oil)


Muhammara (Middle Eastern spicy red pepper and walnut dip)

(Middle Eastern spicy roasted pepper dip)


Zataar (Middle Eastern spice blend)

(Middle Eastern spice blend)


Mücver (Turkish zucchini pancakes)

(Turkish zucchini fritters)


Turkish grilled meatballs

(Turkish grilled meatball skewers; see Kefta recipe)


Freshly baked pita bread

(Mediterranean pocket bread; see Pita recipe)


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