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Measuring Honey 101

Honey on a spoon

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It’s the Holiday season and I’m madly scrambling to collect recipes for Xmas. One ingredient that shows up over and over in Christmas treats is honey. The original sweetener, honey features in many recipes whose origins reach back to the Middle Ages or earlier. Lebkuchen, fruitcake, panforte, nougat—they all commonly call for the sweet apian syrup.

But sweet as is it, honey can goo up your measuring utensils. And getting it all into the mixing bowl can be a pain.

What to do? Here are three easy steps:

  1. Gently warm the honey before measuring it, either in a simmering water bath or with short spurts in the microwave. The honey will thin out and become more pourable.
  2. Lighly oil your measuring cup with either cooking oil or a canned oil spray.
  3. Pour the warm honey into the cup and measure as needed. When you go to pour it into the other ingredients it will slip right out.

Simply wipe any remaining oil from the measuring cup, and you’re good to go for measuring other ingredients!

Bonus: This method works with molasses, treacle and sorghum syrup too.


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