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International Appetizer, Hors D'Oeuvre and Snack Recipes

Tray of hors d'oeuvre appetizers

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Appetizers and hors d'oeuvre are the enticing entrance to a full meal. They pique the appetite without satisfying it and encourage easy conversation among gathered guests. Appetizers can be plated or passed, but they are most often finger food, easy to eat while standing and never overly messy in the hands.

Appetizers are mini meals that go by different names around the world. Spaniards have tapas, delicious bar food with a deep history. The Italians throw together antipasti platters with elegant simplicity. Hunger pangs in the eastern Mediterranean are calmed with meze and a beverage. Cantonese diners pick out an entire meal from dim sum carts. And the spicy chaat of India are some of the most flavorful snacks in the world.

International Appetizer Recipes


Acarajé (Brazilian black-eyed pea fritters)

(Senegalese black-eyed pea fritters)


Baleadas Recipe (Honduran flour tortillas with beans and cheese)

(Honduran flour tortillas with beans and cheese)


Bao Recipe (Chinese steamed, filled buns)

(Chinese steamed, filled buns)


Bichak Recipe (Afghani stuffed savory and sweet pastries)

(Afghan stuffed savory and sweet pastries)


Cachapas Recipe (Venezuelan fresh corn pancakes)

(Venezuelan fresh corn pancakes)


Cancha Recipe (Ecuadorian, Peruvian toasted corn snack)

(Ecuadorian, Peruvian toasted corn snack)


Coxinhas Recipe (Brazilian deep-fried chicken croquettes)

(Brazilian deep-fried chicken croquettes)


Dolmathes Recipe (Greek grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat)

(Greek grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat)


Falafel Recipe (Middle Eastern fried chickpea patties)

(Middle Eastern fried chickpea patties)


Guacamole Recipe (Mexican avocado sauce and condiment)

(Mexican avocado sauce and condiment)


Feta cheese

(Greek feta and roasted red pepper spread)